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7th graders -

I think it's a good idea to build different robots so you get a feeling for them.

How to build an FLL robot - 8 simple tips

1. Build the COR3 robot or any robot you like from this page.


2. The Homi3 robot


Most of the designs have to be paid for or need other requirements.

Build these to start with.

Look at my book 'Winning Design' by James Trobaugh as well.

I will get more things for you to try, but looks at some of the links below for research.


A lot of building resources here

Robot design ideas for chassis base 1

Robot ideas for chassis base 2

The COR3 robot (Introduction)

Practice building using these links:

  1. Accurate and precise robot
  2. A chassis
  3. Another chassis

Homi3 from planetFLL

Some of BuilderDude's robots

4. Robo - the box robot with attachments

5. Flying Box turtle

6. Box robot 1

7. Box robot 2 - transferring power from the motors

8. Modular robot attachments without gears

9. Delivery device

10. design using the medium motor

11. Claw and Lift attachment

12. Grab and Lift device

13. Easy On-Off attachments

14. Simple medium fork lift




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