.........Weeks 3 and 4


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animated welcomeWeeks 3 and 4..

Friday 2/1

Go to the Vocabulary folder in your Google Drive. Today you will do the term 'tele-operated'.



Finish the questions on 'Sally' if you didn't finish on Wednesday.

Then continue with your programming assignments.


closing Closing activity:

Using robots to figure out how an extinct animal moved.


Wednesday 1/30

opening Opening activity:

Watch this underwater robot that uses fins to swim.



This is Literacy week. Today you will read a story by one of my favorite authors, Isaac Asimov.

Go to your Google Drive - in 'Shared with me' you will find 'Sally'. Drag it into your LEGO folder
in Google drive.

Read the story online, and answer the questions. You may listen to the podcasts while you read along.
Minimize the podcast window so you can read. This is for a grade.

If you finish you may go to this page.


Monday 1/28

opening Opening activity:

Fetch robots are hard at work in Ryder warehouses, moving boxes around and sterilizing floors with their powerful bue lasers.


Come to the front for Monday Meeting.

Continue to work on the programming lessons.

Remember to check each program with me.

Turn your programs in as instructed on the lesson.


closing Closing activity:

Watch this explanation of new robots being built for Madame Tussaud's.


Friday 1/25

opening Opening Activity:

Open the Scale for Principles of Programming, and read it carefully. Decide what number applies to you.

Open the Scale Chart for Principles of Programming in the Scales folder in your Google Drive. Add the date, then pull the first 
Happy Face down to the number you chose. Highlight the information that you still need to learn, in the tables.


Come to the front of the room. We will watch a video, and I will introduce the programming lessons.

I will show you how to do the Vocabulary sheets.

You will then go to your computers and start work on the programming lessons.

closing Closing activity:

Go to the Vocabulary folder in your Google Drive. Today you will do the term 'autonomous'.


Friday 1/25

Wednesday 1/23

opening Opening Activity:

Watch these legged robots at the World Robotics Conference in Beijing last year.
You don't need headphones, there is no commentary.



I will give you 20 minutes to finish your project.

If your projects are on Google Drive, get the shareable link, save it to a Word doc, add your names, and turn it in to

Shared - Students - Pereira - AI 2018 - Class color - Robot Applications as blueyournames and yellowyournames.

Open the Scale for Robotics Applications, and read it carefully. Decide what number applies to you.

Open the Scale Chart for Robotics Applications, in your Google Drive Scale Chart folder.
Add today's date in the next column, pull that column's Happy face down to the next number, remove the highlights
from the things you have learned, and save it again.

If you have finished, you may do the tutorials on TinkerCAD.

When my alarm goes off, put your Blue project on your computer screen. We will do a Gallery Walk for everyone to see the projects.

Then come to the front, I will introduce the idea of Programming.


flag Closing activity:

Watch this video about Salto the jumping robot.


Monday 1/21

No School