Weeks 1 and 2


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animated welcomeWeeks 1 and 2

Friday 8/16


opening Opening Activity:

Watch this video : What is a Robot?




Learning Goal: Student will demonstrate understanding of robotics, its history, applications and evolution.

Daily Objective: Understand the similarities of, and differences between Machines and Robots


We will discuss the difference between Machines and Robots,

Open Nearpod, then put in the code on the overhead.


flag Closing activity:

Log off, then come to the front to watch a video.



Wednesday 8/14

opening Opening Activity:

If you did not sign onto my eCampus class on Monday, click here.

Open the Scale for Classroom Etiquette, and read it carefully. Decide what number
applies to you today. This is a practice scale.



Come to the front of the room.

Later, go to your Google Drive (the best way is to go in from the Clever Portal).

Click on the big Plus Sign, then click on "Folder".

Call the new folder "LEGO Robotics".

new folder

Next click on 'Shared with me'. You will see a folder called "Scale Charts'. Drag it into your LEGO folder,
then open it.
Go to the yellow 'Scale Chart for Class Etiquette', add your name and the date, and pull the first
happy face down to your number.
This is how you will complete all scales in future.

Wait for instructions!

Today we will do the Beams and Pegs activity.Students sitting at even-numbered computers, please come and get a baggie from me.

You will work in pairs, but will each fill in the form by yourselves.
You will be looking at the similarities and differences between the two pegs in the baggie.
The instructions, and questions to answer, are in this Beams and Pegs form.

When you have finished, put all four items back into the baggie, and return it to me.


We will then learn the names of the LEGO pieces.

Use this sorting 'map'  to sort your tub. Let me know if you are missing motors, wheels or sensors.

Extra pieces that don't belong in your box should be put into the purple LEGO Intake tub on the front table.


flag Closing activity:


Your Closing Activity will vary each day. Please do not do it before the appropriate time. It is designed to have everyone
in their seats for the last few minutes of the period.

Watch this video, of robots my students have built and programmed.



Monday 8/12

Welcome to LEGO Robotics.

My whole course will be on this web site - you'll come here every day.