Weeks 3 and 4


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animated welcomeWeeks 3 and 4..

Thursday 31 / Friday 1

opening Opening Activity:

Watch this robot Song and Dance

And this one.



Finish the Asimov story, if you didn't finish it.

Then continue with your programming assignments.

flag Closing activity:

Look at this video of a LEGO pinball machine.



Tuesday 29 / Wednesday 30

opening Opening Activity:

Watch this LEGO paper plane-folding machine.



This is Literacy week. Today you will read a story by one of my favorite authors, Isaac Asimov.

Go to your Google Drive - in 'Shared with me' you will find 'Asimov Story'. Drag it into your LEGO folder
in Google drive.There are two stories on the document - choose ONE of them.

Read the stories online, and answer the questions. You may listen to the podcasts while you read along.
Minimize the podcast window so you can read. This is for a grade.

If you finish you may go to this page.



Monday 28

opening Opening Activity:

A LEGO Mindstorms race car against a non-robot car



Take this quiz

Come to the front for Monday Meeting (not Period 3, who did not behave appropriately last time).

Work on the Programming Lessons.

flag Closing activity:

Watch this WALL-E transforming robot made with three EV3 bricks.


Thursday 24 / Friday 25

opening Opening Activity:

Watch this LEGO Mindstorms digital clock.



1) Come to the front of the room. I will explain how the programming lessons will work.

2) We will look at the Scale for Principles of Programming. We will read it carefully, and you will decide what
number applies to you right now.

3) When you get back to your seat, Open the Scale Chart for Principles of Programming in your Google drive Scales folder.
Add your name and the date. Pull the first happy face down to your number. Highlight anything in the chart below that
you don't know yet.

4) Come to the front of the classroom, and I will show you how to use the robot.


5) Finish building theĀ Riley Rover riley but don't add the gripper.
You can add the color sensor if you like.

If you don't have the silver rollerball, open this picture to make a substitute.

6) Then you may start the Programming Lessons.


flag Closing activity: Don't do this until I tell you to.

Watch this working Star Wars BB8, made with LEGO Mindstorms.


Tuesday 1/22

opening Opening Activity:

Watch these LEGO robot cars racing.



Get your tub and car, and get ready to race.

You have 10 minutes to finish your car. If you have finished it:

  1. Make sure that you have completed all the questions on your EDP lesson worksheet
    - you need to add the successes and problems you had with your car, and how you solved the problems.
  2. you may help others,

We may need to have two heats, with the winner and runner-up of each heat
racing in the final round. We are looking for the fastest robot, and the one that travels the longest distance.

Read the Scale for the Engineering Design Process, and decide what
number applies to you.

Open the Scale Chart for the Engineering Design Process (the GRAY one in your Scale Chart folder in Google Drive),
add today's date, pull the next happy face down to your new number, remove the highlights from the things you
have learned, and save the file again.

Take your car apart. Put the pieces tidily in your tub.

You should keep two wheels for your tub ( those shown below), and return any other wheels to the main Wheel Tub.

ev3 wheels

You may then build theĀ Riley Rover. You don't need to add sensors or attachments, just make the basic build.

flag Closing activity: Don't do this until I tell you to.



Monday 1/21

No School