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Advanced students - go at your own pace, but check each assignment with me before you go on to the next one.

  LEGO Robotics lessons ::



This is a self-paced course.

You may go through the lesons below as fast as you like, but you MUST have me check each one before you go on to the next.

You may go more slowly, but there are due dates, by which the assignments must be turned in.


lesson 1
lesson 2 Turns
Challenge 1 XC
Challenge 1(Extra Credit).
3 design
4. Circumference
song and dance
refklected light
8 touch
You may now choose between doing
the three advanced assignments below
tabbed switch block
10 multiple
11 myblock

Airblock Drone Lessons.

You need to have a smartphone so you can download the free Makeblock app.

1. Airblock Drone Safety

2. Working with the Airblock Drone

3. About the MakeBlock App

4. Assembling the Airblock hovercraft.

5. Controlling the Hovercraft

6. Assembling the AirBlock Drone

7. Controlling the AirBlock Drone

7. Design the Control Panel

Assignment 1- Do the obstacle course by flying the drone.

Assignment 2 - Program the drone to do the obstacle course.