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Learning Goal: Demonstrate an understanding of robotics, its history, applications, evolution

Daily Objective: Understand how robots are used


You will work in teams of two or three, choosing your partners from the row you are sitting in. Come up and tell me who you are working with.


Everyone should do the assignment in the white center box.

After that, each team should do one blue and one yellow assignment. These are team assignments, one for the whole team.

The link on each assignment takes you to a page with information about robots in that industry. You may search further as well.

All assignments are due by the end of the period on Wednesday, January 23rd. (Make sure all your names are on the assignment.)

Turn the assignments in to Shared - Students - Pereira - AI 2018 - Class color - Robot Applications as applicationyournames

If you did the assignment on Google, get the link to share it, paste the link onto a Word document, with all your names, and turn in the doc.


Robot Applications Choice Board

Create a powerpoint, Google Slides, or prezi presentation about robots used in medicine, with the following information:

*Describe at least four robots used in that industry
*Explain whether the robots are autonomous or teleoperated
*Describe some advantages of using these robots
*Describe some of the disadvantages of using these robots
*Make a prediction about how you think robots might be used in this industry in the future

Create a Google Slide explaining how robots can be used by scientists: If you are able to make a web site, you may make a web site. Sadly, Google Sites is not available on the school account.

*Describe at least four robots used by scientists.
*Explain why it is necessary that these are usually autonomous
*Explain what knowledge scientists are gaining by using these robots
*Describe some problems that scientists experience with the robots you describe
*Make a prediction about how you think robots might be used in this industry in the future

Find information about farming robots on this page.

Answer the list of questions about farming robots at this link.


Write a lesson about manufacturing robots, including information, pictures and questions to check for understanding. You may use Powerpoint, Word, Google sites or whatever you like, but not physical materials like paper.




Go to your Google Drive. An assignment called Robot Applications Part 1 is in 'Shared with me'. Drag it into the AI Robotics folder you made.

Watch the videos, and discuss the questions together. Then each answer the questions by yourselves..

Write a journal entry describing being in or near a building destroyed by an earthquake. Mention some of the robots that were brought in to help find survivors. Describe how they were used. Explain whether you think it was a good idea, and give your reasons.

Use Venn diagrams to compare robots from two or three industries of your choice. You should compare items such as whether they are autonomous or teleoperated, their power sources, their attachments, their sensors, or any other logical variables. Use this Venn Diagram sheet.

You may use any of the industries linked on this page, as well as military robots or mining robots.


Create a comic strip showing how robots are used in retail. Describe at least three different robots. Try to add some humor.

You may use a large sheet of card for this one, but I would prefer an electronic comic strip.

Write a song about construction or food service robots. Each verse should be about a different robot, and there should be a chorus which is generally about the robots in that industry. There should be at least three verses.