The projects listed below are from the Girl Scouts all over the country, and describe projects that earned the Bronze Award.


We are adopting grandparents and doing many things with them in order to earn our award. We go to the nursing home once a month and we are very busy with this project.


My troop held a lock- in for Brownies. Our theme was Patriotism, and they did two related Brownie Try-Its. We all had a great time.


I have done a clothing drive. First, I called a local shelter to see what they really needed. I was told they really need stylish teen and pre-teen clothing. So -- I made some posters and flyers to advertise the clothing drive. I gave the flyers out to all the 4th and 5th graders in our school. I put a decorated bucket in the school lobby, and within a week there were bags of clothes overflowing and next to the bucket! I'm asking everybody at my school to donate things that our local animal sheter is always in need of. So far it's a success and people are donating!


I earned the Bronze Award last year by writing a script, building a puppet theater and putting on the show for my sister's Daisy troop. I ran the entire meeting and themed the snack, craft, and games to go with the show.


Our troop taught a 5-week after-school activity class to K's and 1st graders. We taught the kids about puppets. The children learned how to make different kinds of puppets and how to use them. In the last class, we had a puppet show.


For my Bronze Award project I did a Children's Book Drive. I was with my mother for a doctor's visit and found that there was nothing to do while I waited. So I decided to do a children's book drive for our hospital.

I made posters, I made flyers and had it advertised in our school's paper and on our school's weekly news program. I even called and talked on the radio to get the word out about it. Then I sat at our local Base Exchange for two days and collected 402 books for the hospital.


As 5th graders attending middle school for the first time, we went back to our elementary school to help our 4th grade teacher with her after school tutoring programs for students in math and reading. Twice weekly we helped her students by reading with them and questioning them about what they read. We also helped them practice their multiplication tables. Their reading and math skills improved. Mrs. McKeever said that their overall grades and test scores all increased as result of the help they received from us. It was fun to help other students and it helped us with our math and reading, too.


For my Bronze Award I and with the help of my troop created two and a half quilts and donated them to the Seattle Ronald Mc Donald house.


We made a dress to send to Savannah, GA. It was for the program Rainy Day in 1870.



For the Bronze Award, my troop is having a carnival at the Girl Scout Camporee. We've been working on it since February and finally, it will pay off.


For the Bronze Award, six girls from my troop decided to do clowning. We learned all about clowning from TOTS the Clown, then we volunteered our clowning services to the library, PTA and our Neighborhood Bridging event. We made balloon animals, told jokes and read stories.


We educated the community about what Locks of Love does (, held a hair drive and collected 56 ponytails that were 10 inches or longer, and collected hair care supplies in which we made 20 large care packages for wig recipients.