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Learning Goal: Understand how to write a program to control a robot, using loops, conditionals and subroutines where appropriate.



Learning Goal: Student will be able to write a program that controls the robot
Daily objective: Student will understand the use of Python to program turns.

EVERYONE should do Part 1 of this assignment using the Finch.

EVERYONE should do Part 2 of this assignment using the Edison.

Lesson 4 Video- How to make the Finch turm.

Lesson 4 notes.


Go to your Google Drive, and drag the A4 - Turns assignment to your AI Robotics folder.

Complete it using the polar degrees plots hanging on the bulletin board.

You don't need to turn it in, as I shared it with you.

DO NOT DO PART 2! Carry on to Lesson 5!!:

Assignment 4 Part 2 -

Write a program to make your robot follow ONE
of the taped out angle courses on the whiteboards.

Turn it in to
Shared - Students - Pereira - AI 2015- Class color - Finch - 4 Angle as angleyourname.


Why you had to use the Finch:

The Edison collapses this turn information into commands for you.

edpy drive


...This makes your life simpler when programming,

...but if you ever use a different robot, you won't

...understand.how to make the turns. It's good

... to develop a basic understanding now.



Write a Reflection on what you have learned.