Learn to program

  Finch assignments ::

Learning Goal: Understand how to write a program to control a robot, using loops, conditionals and subroutines where appropriate.





Introduction and Lesson 1 - How to Start Using the Finch

Lesson 2 - LED

Lesson 3 - Moving On

Lesson 4 - Turns

Lesson 5 - Python as a Calculator

Lesson 6 - Python types

Lesson 7 - Defining Functions

Lesson 8 - Modules

Lesson 9 - Travel

Lesson 10 - Degrees

Lesson 11 - Loops

Lesson 12 - If-Then statements

Lesson 13 - Light sensors

Lesson 14 - Obstacle detection

Lesson 15 - The accelerometer and the heat sensor.(optional)



If you have finished, start learning how to program the Edison.


If you have finished, do:


TinkerCAD. Go through the tutorials to find out how to design a 3D printed object. I will print out small suitable objects that you design.


Work with the AirBlock drone. First go through the lessons - you will need to download the MakeBlock app on your cell phone.


go to Crunchzilla and use one of the games.


BotsInc - Squeak (three assignments equals one Scribbler assignment grade) - just save them to your personal folder till I get a chance to see them.