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Junior First Aid Badge

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Section 7. Helping Hands


First aid skills are important in many careers. Identify the types of emergencies each of these professionals might encounter on their jobs: camp director, police officer, firefighter, teacher, lifeguard, and emergency medical technician.


Well, use your imaginations, girls!

Make a list!


What special first aid training do their jobs require?


Go to the following websites. If you don't find what you are looking for immediately, scroll down and see if you can find an appropriate heading. If you still can't find anything, hit Ctrl F. This will open a window that says 'Find in this page'. Type first aid in the box and click in the 'Find Next" button. This should take you to a place where you can find the answer. Take notes.

Look at the results carefully - find out whether all the websites require similar qualifications. If not, why not. Are there any deductions you can make from what you find (I'm thinking about the firefighter section especially, here)?


Camp Director

Job Description for the Camp Director at Cayuga Nature Center


Job description for the Camp Director at Streamside Summer Camp


Job Description for Camp Director for the Girl Scouts of the Nations Capital


Job Description for Day Camp Director for Iowa 4-H Summer Camp



Police Officer

Stillwater Police Department


Alaska Legal Resource Center


Michigan State Police





Seattle Fire Department


City of Sugar Land, TX


Firefighter Qualifications, San Jose


Fire Department, City of Cornelius, OR





Teacher Qualifications in Australia


Pre-School Teacher Training route in Singapore


Department of Education, Yukon


The School Improvement Knowledge Base





NYS Lifeguard Qualifications


Volusia County Lifeguard Qualifications


ResortQuest Lifeguard Service



Emergency Medical Technician


New York State Department of Health


Occupational Outlook Handbook - EMT


EMS Qualifications, Thomas County, GA