There are many ceremonies in Girl Scouting. The girls have ceremonies to dedicate themselves to the Girl Scout way, ceremonies to reaffirm this commitment, ceremonies to give them awards for their work, ceremonies to move them up through the ranks of scouting. We leaders have ceremonies too; to welcome new leaders, to renew our commitment to scouting and to honor leaders who have done an exceptional job.

Tonight we are going to do something a little different. This ceremony is to create something new with bits from each of us.


From Calypso we bring a strong sense of honesty and fairness.

From Starbright we bring a strong sense of friendliness and helpfulness

From Calypso we bring consideration and caring

From Starbright we bring courage and strength

From Calypso we bring responsibility for our actions

From Starbright we bring self respect and the respect for others

From Calypso we bring wisdom and desire to make things better

From Starbright we bring a love of our sisterhood



Separately we have done right by our girls and created a warm helpful environment for our leaders. Together we can only be better.

As we look into the flame of our creation we are challenged thusly:


        ... to do more than belong... Participate.

        ... do more than care... Help.

        .. do more than believe... Practice.

        ... do more than be fair... Be kind.

        ... do more than forgive... Forget.

        ... do more than dream... Work.

        ... do more than teach... Inspire.

        ... do more than live... Grow.

        ... do more than be friendly... Be a friend.

        ... do more than give... Serve.

See what we have created: