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Advanced students - go at your own pace, but check each assignment with me before you go on to the next one.

  LEGO Robotics lessons ::


Learning Goal: Understand how to write a program to control a robot, using loops, conditionals and subroutines where appropriate.



Lesson 8 - Advanced Switch Blocks

Watch this video about how to use a Switch block to cover several possibilities.


Assignment 8:

If you have an NXT, borrow an EV3.

Add a motor with some sort of arm if you can.

Program the robot to move forward, and while it does so, to:

  • make a noise if it goes over a red block
  • move the arm while it is over white OR if you don't have an arm, make it say "white' over and over again
  • spin for 3 seconds if it sees green
  • stop for 3 seconds if it sees blue


Turn the annotated program in to the Shared folder to a 'Switch' folder in your class folder,
as switchyourname.