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Our teams are gearing up for the FLL Challenges. The theme this year is Body Forward™ (Engineering meets Medicine) and you can read more about it at the official web page.

This video shows both the board layout, what the robot has to achieve and the points value for each move!

Here is the Challenge itself. Scroll down and watch the two videos where the game designer explains what is expected of the robot - it may give you ideas for different strategies. Remember that the robot will have 2.5 minutes to do everthing!!!

You are expected to get to know the Rules and the Missions. In the project, you are challenged to explore the world of Biomedical Engineering.

You can use this picture of the Robot Game Layout to develop some strategies. Think about what parts of the challenge might most sensibly be completed together. Which parts of the challenge might use the same attachments? What attachments might work for various parts of the Challenge?

This is going to be a lot of fun, but also a lot of hard work! Let's get going!








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