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These videos show you some brief clips of table challenges (some of them may take some time to load):

Scoring a goal

Chase and JD's Final Class Project

A team is excited by their success

This team used pneumatic power to lift the truck

Sumobot win!

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These are some of the class challenges. It is interesting to see the different designs that the teams used in order to accomplish the challenges. In the first one, the teams had to design a robot to drop a paper cup on a target. They received extra credit if the robot grabbed and lifted the cup by itself.

Cup Stack using a swivel arm

Cup Stack using a mobile robot with arm

Cup Stack: Myles uses a mobile robot with claw

Hurricane missions (class project)

Double hurricane mission

Hurricane debris and car removal

STEAM Robots




Bridget's robot moves toward a black line, sees it, then turns to follow it

Isaac's robot moves forward, picks up a target, then moves back and deposits it in a circle.

Srajan's robot moves forward, collects some loose LEGO pieces, and scoops them into a target area.







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