Artificial Intelligence


Let's Look at Robots

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Learning Goal: Student will be able to describe some applications and challenges of Artificial Intelligence




When we talk about Artificial Intelligence, what do we mean?


We will look at two sets of robots.

Set 1:

A bread-packaging robot

Car-painting robots

Car-building robots

Another Pick-and-place robot


Go to the Let's Look at Robots assignment on your Google Drive, and fill in part one. Remember to give reasons for your statements.


Set 2:


NAO plays Tic-Tac-Toe

Asimo learns

Brett the Robot learns to put things together on his own

Nadine the emotionally intelligent robot

Sophia the robot

Some of these videos are older, so you can see a developmental progression.


Fill in Part 2 of the assignment, Questions 4-8 only.

Look at these cobots making dumplings.

Answer Question 9.

I shared these with you, so you they are already 'turned in'.