6th Grade Mars Webquest!

Part 1.


We are setting out to discover some information about Mars.


Please write your answers in your journals, clearly headed with a title, and the date. Use Full Sentences!!!!!!!


Click on the question to find a web site with the information you need to solve the problems.

Good Luck!

Soft Landing!


1.           How long does it take a spacecraft to reach Mars in months? Approximately how long is this in days?


When did the first spacecraft arrive at Mars?

When did the most recent spacecraft get there?How many years (rounded to the nearest year) elapsed between the first spacecraft to visit Mars, and the last ones to land there? Approximately how long is this in Earth days?


2. What is the range of temperatures on Mars? Remember to show your work.



3.  What is the average distance of Mars from Earth? Remember to show your work. Say what kind of average you used (mean, median or mode).





4.  Find the average speed that Mars travels while orbiting the Sun. Using the distance formula of

D = R x T

  Calculate how far Mars travels in a minute, and in an hour. How far does it travel in an Earth day?



More next time!

Happy Exploring!