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We want to start seeing how shapes are used in building everywhere. In class, you made a list of the shapes of different buildings.

Take a look at the Shapes Lab to see how forces affect some of the different shapes that are used in buildings.

Let's look at some building shapes in this Powerpoint.

Why do roofs in different places have different pitches - that is, why does the roof angle vary from flat to very steep? Get some clues from a site that shows an amazing house that can change the pitch of its roof and from a site that explains some of the engineering behind roof design.

The Architecture Handbook shows the way that shapes are used in the design of many buildings.

Take the set of 3D block shapes, and create a building from them in your team. Once you have made your building from blocks, draw a massing sketch of it.

Individual Assignment: Imagine a use for your building and produce an illustrated essay, a brochure or a graphic essay (comic) to describe the building and its use for prospective investors.

Massing sketch - 5 points
Illustrations - 10 points
Reasons (written part) - 10 points
Appearance neat and attractive - 10 points