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The Down Side



What is multipotentiality?

A multipotential person has strong abilities in more than one field,

to the extent where it becomes difficult to define their strengths

because they have so many. (Several definitions may be found

in the links at the end of this page.)


Multipotential students earn high scores across the board in ability and achievement

tests. However, some researchers believe that these results can be misleading if the tests are the same as those used for non-gifted students. Their research shows that if higher-level tests, similar to those used for adults, are used, then there are significant differences in the abilities of gifted students, and they have a similar range of strengths to non-gifted students. Some results show that only about 5% of gifted students truly show multipotentiality when tested at this level. They suggest that the use of standard-level tests, combined with the undoubted fact that gifted students tend to be Ďjoinersí, taking part in many extramural activities both on and off campus, have contributed to what they consider the myth that all gifted students exhibit multipotentiality.


Many other researchers disagree, and believe that most gifted students show multipotentiality. Still another research project showed that gifted 7th-grade students showed far higher interest in academic topics (like math, writing, science, public speaking and medical science) than 9th grade students, but that there was little or no difference in the interest expressed by both sets of students in the 17 non-academic areas investigated.


However, there is no doubt that many gifted students are extremely capable in multiple areas. This leads to another definition of multipotentiality : the ability to choose between a large number of career options because of the wide range of skills and interests.


Arenít they Lucky????


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