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Photo-cell: Solar electricity cell

Stillhead Dielectrode Plate - a made-up word for a piece of machinery

MacDougal's spectroreflector : a made-up word for a piece of machinery

insosuits : a made-up word for a space suit, from insulated suits

subrobotic: very stupid robots from the very early days of robotics

sublevel: underground areas

medieval phonograph: very, very old machine for playing recorded sound

slave complexes: the belief that they could only be slaves, and not think for themselves

Lead on, Macduff: a misquotation from the Shakespeare play "MacBeth".

visiplate : a made-up word for the glass plate on the space-suit headpiece

Gargantuan : extremely large, named after a character in an old book

Giddy-ap: a term people use to tell horses to get going

flexors : A muscle that when contracted acts to bend a joint or limb in the body.

Gilbert and Sullivan : wrote old, funny musicals/comic operas

positronic: a word invented to describe the workings of the robot's brains (the opposite of electronic)

out of kilter ; out of balance





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