The projects listed below are all from the Girl Scout websites over the country, and describe projects that earned the Silver Award. Please bear in mind that other councils might have different criteria for Silver Award projects.


I've always loved working with children and decided that for my Silver Award project I would work with kids. My leader knew of a Brownie troop that was having trouble getting started, and I went to help out. I taught the girls the basics of Girl Scouting and helped them to earn one of their first Try-Its. When cookie time rolled around I went again to help out.


I hosted a "Parent's Day Out" Holiday Child Care event. Children came for a full day of activities including a visit from Santa, music, games, crafts, stories and play time. I also provided healthy snacks and lunch. My whole troop helped at the event. We all had a great time, but were exhausted by the end of the day! The kids had fun while their parents had a chance to Christmas shop!


We decided we wanted to do something creative so we decided to make blankets for the Binky Patrol organization. The Binky Patrol organization is an organization that gives blankets to orphaned, or foster children who they believe need something warm and soft to hold on to. We sewed blankets. We even made a sleep over night out of it.


I am hosting a Brownie science day at my local church and doing experiments with the girls. The experiments are being run like stations, and each station activity will last about 30 minutes.


For my project I am doing a Junior Jam. Its an overnight party where they will earn one or two badges and have fun. Hopefully this will become an annual thing and we will retain more Juniors who will become Cadettes.


I decided to paint a wall size painting and give it to a local nursing home. The whole facility was really bland and completely devoid of all natural beauty, so I painted a flower scene for them. The patients absolutely love it, and it made me feel like I accomplished something by making someone else's day brighter.


I organized twenty three Girl Scouts to plant 1000 seedlings of red and white pine and white spruce trees at a local park. I went to their meetings before the planting and taught them the importance of planting trees and conserving our planet.


My Silver Award Project was to build a Rainy Day Center at our Girl Scout camp. The center gives the girls something to do on rainy days while at camp. My center has costumes, games and toys in it.


I have Lyme Disease and I've always wanted to meet someone with it and maybe if they like things that I like, so for my Silver Award I made a website for teenagers with Lyme. Adults are welcomed to to join too, teens are able to chat, post messages, and tell their stories.


I found the plans to build a tire dome on the internet. I asked for permission from the designer to use his idea. He sent me a materials list. A local tire store is donating the used tires. I'll be recycling tires. My only cost is the bolts, nuts and washers. I'll need someone to help drill the holes. I'll wash all of the tires and dig holes and help assemble the tire dome. Kids from all over the community will be able to use the new tire dome in our small local park.


We've always loved reading so for our Silver Award we collected used children books for an organization that helped out single mothers. We collected from school, church, libraries, fellow troops, and families. It was such a success that the organization couldn't take all the books and the surplus was donated to a second organization.


Our project was a Fashion Show which was for the American Cancer Society. We did it at a Relay for Life and it was the most amazing thing to be there.


I put on three different puppet shows about cerebral palsy for some younger kids at summer camps in my town. We also performed for some disabled kids, who really enjoyed the performance. Along with the show, we talked to the children about disabilities and did some other activities with them. It made me feel like I was making a difference in these kids lives by changing how they judge disabled people and it was a lot of fun


My friends are organizing a uniform closet in our council for less fortunate Girl Scouts to get uniforms. We are also going to clean and paint this room.


I love playing the flute along with another friend who plays the flute and another that plays the harp. We decided that for our Girl Scout Silver Award we would put on small concerts for assisted care living facilities and different groups who normally wouldn't get the opportunity to have live concerts.


Sew Us That You Care!- For my Silver Award project, I started a sewing club at my school for grades 6-8 that sews different items to give to various organizations in need. Our main project this year was to sew small, simple teddy bears for the local fire and rescue department. These bears are kept in emergency vehicles to give to frightened children when they are in accidents.

For our project we held a Hawaiian Luau overnight at our school in Dolgeville for girls in Girl Scouts between first and sixth grades. We chose this project because we all really enjoy kids, playing games and doing crafts.


My troop decided to refurbish a local park for our project. It benefited our entire community and helped to lift the face of the community a lot. We learned a lot of biology and organizational skills, and had tons of fun the process. We planted over 50 trees, held four 6-hour cleanup days and really involved the whole community. We sat in on city council meetings and suggested changes in the park maintenance and helped in budgeting for the continuation of the project


I made a troop Web site to make communication with troop members easier. It features a calendar of important dates and our camping cookbook. I chose the project because of my love of the Internet. I learned about Web design. The project benefits members of my troop as well as outsiders who want to learn more about Girl Scouting. It serves as a great way to spread information. I also developed a manual on Web page design for my council to help leaders who might with to make a troop Web page.