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A really neat song to the tune of In a cabin, In a Wood. (if that is the name.... Sharon Lois and Bram sing it). AND there are actions!!!!

In a spaceship <place arms out like holding something big -spaceship shaped! go fig!>
In the sky <hold arms over head forming circle... moon shaped>
Inside little conehead guy <make conehead shape with hands on top of head>
saw an astronaut floating by < star shape - Place arms and legs out and stand on one foot)
knocking at my door <knock in the air>
Help me! Help me! Help me! he said <raise arms in alarm on each help me!>
Or the lazer beam will shoot me dead. <pretend lazer gun pointing>
Come little conehead, come with me, <beckon with hands>
Happy we will be.

Next... say the lazer beam went crazy and the astronaut shrunk. Then repeat in a high squeaky voice. Then he grew extremely large and repeat in a deep voice. The final time the lazer beam went completely nuts and it was all three together (high, regular, deep voice) for these words spaceship, conehead, astronaut, knocking, lazer beam, conehead, happy and for each help me! (first one is
high, 2nd is regular and 3rd is deep so it isn't repeated again but as written in the song).

(so it doesn't completely make sense! my guiders taught it to me and i'm not sure if they made it up as I've never heard it anywhere else. So thanks to Kathleen Stokoe and Marg Preston from White Oaks Area). Its a fun song!

You could make up a game with night eyes but have them as constellations or planets. There could be questions on the back to answer or puzzle to do, depending on what you'd like to do. Or make up a scavenger hunt with the planets, pretending they are on a space mission and have to find life,
water, whatever, and your older girls can plan it.

As for a wide game, you could play TV tag but instead of naming TV shows, they'd name planets, comets, constellations, etc. We did this with an endangered species camp and a hike and it worked really well.

kristen Byrnes
8th Kingston Guides

4 girls in the centre, armed with tin plates, are rocket ships (who must keep close together or their ship will disintegrate).  The remainder of girls are meteorites and take positions in a large circle with 4 balls between them.  Meteorites aim balls at the legs of the rocket ship who defend themselves with their force fields (tin plates).  A successful meteorite changes with part of the rocket

4 astronauts are drifting away from the rocket ship.  Four equal teams line up at opposite ends of the hull of the rocket (behind a line).  They join life lines (ropes) and attach one member with a bowline.  As the rope gets longer, the rescuer moves out to the victim, but ropes must be help by at
least one girl on the hull.  If rope breaks or rescuers leave the hull without some line attached to it, they are also drifting and the remainder of the team must rescue the two astronauts.

Teams line up one end of the rocket with a sheet of paper opposite each team at the other end.  On paper is one "smartie" or similar for each person.  Run as a relay, up to the canteen, kneel and take a pill in the mouth (hands behind back).

Teams with large sheets of paper and pencils draw pictures of rocket ships approaching, orbiting, landing and also plan of a solar system.

When we got the up from a nap time, they were on a dark planet. We blindfolded them at the door and took them outside. Must hold hands in a line. Use a few teams - depending on venue and guides. Tow them around and about, under, over, up down until they get to the 'light' for a special treat. eg: lolly pop forest. Hang them from the trees. You will know how long your guides can take the blind folds.

We also started camp with a fluffy soft toy Ewok being brought in wrapped in a towel. He whispered in the JL's ear that he had crashed his space ship and now his clothes were scattered over many planets. As we 'visited' the different planets, there were pieces of his clothes to be found until he was finally all dressed. Spread out the time to put pieces out to keep enjoyment going.

A meal - mashed potato - the smoke from the rocket,  spaceship sausage roll,  Peas and carrot rings are planets

Di Watson
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1............BLAST OFF!

Space is where you could find me this weekend.  Actually it was where you could find many Brownies and Guiders from the area.

Camp was GREAT!

Each Brownie unit had to come with a unit name and banner.  We called ourselves the 11th Brandon Plutonians!  Our banner was on solar system material with a big Pluto on it.  We had made him a space helmet and a Space Cadet button!  And it glowed in the dark!  The girls loved it and proudly carried it around.

The staff had made aliens out of balloons and some from paper mache and decorated the dining hall  - planet signs at each station......awesome space costumes for campfire and closing.  The meals were amazing - the menu posted had items on it like shooting stars, martian matter, ...etc etc.  Our unit protested for a whole afternoon when we realized the menu for supper had squashed plutonians on it.  What a coincidence.  The girls had a cute little dance we did on the way to everything (chanting) no squashed plutonians...........staff sandwiches!  (remember you have to scream that and drag out the staff sandwiches - don't forget to dance).  On our way in the dining hall that night we were sure to take a pen and change all menus to read staff sandwiches......we were the first shift to eat so everyone saw........of course that brought on a BIG GIGGLE!  Friendly Owl got the girls singing "staff sandwiches" - same "if I had 100 sandwiches I'd eat them all at once"..........we just about didn't get supper!!!  

Some of our activities included:  bead alien heads, space ships made from c.d.'s and slurpee lids, and aliens made from spoons.  And to get moving a bit we had obstacle courses, action songs, water balloon volleyball (the girls got to serve and the leaders had to catch - if they didn't break),
relay games (try going between the legs of a Brownie when the Brownie is about the size of my leg......ha.........I was on my stomach and she was flat on my back...........) and a nature walk
Sunday morning we also did more singing, bean bag tosses, water throws, space shuttle launches, flying saucer toss, and a couple of other games!

We had a awesome spaced themed campfire.......our campfire leader always does an amazing job and makes campfire fit any kind of theme!  What talent when it comes to changing the words of songs.

On to the court case.........We were walking past a Guider filling water balloons.......when caught she sprayed us with water and out comes this high pitched squeal.  Friendly Owl said next time instead of squealing we should turn around, flex our muscles and say  BRING IT ON.......WATER MAKES PLUTONIANS STRONGER..........say that in your deepest robotic alien voice.
On our way back past again  I snuck a balloon into  my bag and showed the girls when I reached the cabin - it was soon adopted as the "precious plutonian water"  Saved for a weak moment.  The other unit that travelled with us soon knew of our secret water, but pinky swore not to tell other
aliens who would want to steal it from us.  Well, the camp alien who was the same Guider we got the balloon from found out we had it and tried to get it from us, but she was dressed as the alien so the girls wouldn't know it was her.  The girls took great precautions to guard my backpack and too make sure it didn't break in there (sealed in ziploc)  We carried it all day Saturday and I passed it off to the alien  (he he he....the girls would never suspect me).  In the morning I declared the water missing and what an uproar.......we had better find out..........they all immediately blamed the out alien........the plutonians were on the loose and they wanted water!!!!!  Well couldn't find it there so asked all Guiders along the way.......most not having a clue what they were talking about.........just smiled and said "must be 11th!!!"  So, they then turned on me..............I must know.  I carried the bag all the time..........when did I have it last.......where did I put it down .........all I could remember was the alien wanted it and knew where our cabin was........and I had left the bag in the hallway that it really had to be the alien, but who was the
alien....... a little detective work and it was figured out.  They know it was this particular Guider because she was wearing the same shoes and the alien, the wedding band on her finger was the same, and she had a wet spot on her cape........when the guider has mysteriously disappeared and re appeared she just happened to have a wet spot in the same spot on her sweater.........

Well, that was that...........she must have it.........but how could we prove it.   This Guider snuck into our cabin and passed the balloon back to me......the girls had no idea.  I broke the balloon  - it was in the Guider's hood on her sweater cause a girl was heading for us when I broke her wet.  But the water had also gone onto the floor.....she made me dump her hood too..........causing another wet spot on the floor......I then drank what was left.......yes, I actually did drink it............even though it was in the balloon all day...hey, it will only make me stronger.  Well, the Guider leaves and I go running to the girls to show them what I had empty bag and a broken yellow balloon. Next thing you know the girls are racing to the door and see wet spots.......come back and see my shirt is wet.......OOPS..........I spilled
my water bottle when opening it.  Within seconds they were laying on their stomachs, flashlights in hand inspecting these water wouldn't believe what they could see in these.   Then..........they find a footstep in the door way..........I am immediately asked to remove my shoes for a measurement.........nope, no fit........however I do seem a little guilty.........but they bought the water bottle story.......

So out onto the steps they go and find chalk letters.  Honestly, I didn't put them there.........they just happened to be there from another group.....but they made these letters in to a clue.......the criminal had left a code..........U.C.C.C.L...........u  c Carla and Chris laugh.......we had been laughing all morning........ I had mentioned early in the morning I was getting weak and was tired.  The girls being a little tired too said all we need is some water to make us strong.......later I started making comments that I was feeling so muscles were going to break through my shirt........I have so much energy.  Hmmm...........didn't really pay attention to that..........they were so busy searching for these clues (by now they had a whole page of clues written out)  I said a few times before one started really listening that the criminal may be closer to them than they think and
they might not be HEARING a clue..........

Well, eventually one girl caught on and gave a trick question.........trick allright.......but I weaseled my way out of it.   We sit down for lunch and the girls start talking more and comparing was maybe the alien, but probably Brown could you accuse your own leader
of such an event.  It was decided upon then and there that immediately following lunch Brownie Court was in session, Judge Brittney running the show (their words)  No other leader would represent I found a Brownie, that hardly made it to my waist, to represent me.  She was great at yelling I object, Brown Owl is innocent.  The alien found a Guider to be her lawyer, Friendly Owl was the baliff and the rest of the girls were either the jury, witness or detectives.  Court was called to order.  The lawyer of the other Guider asked what they charges were.  Someone from the jury stood straight up and dollar.......ha ha ha........the leaders
couldn't hold it in on that one!  Anyways, court got a little carried away but I was soon found guilty....however the alien let loose with water guns and water balloons.............and I had time to escape..........ha ha ha Brownie friend from another unit cheered me on and held my bag
while I  ran........but 50 girls were after me................  I HAD DRANK THE WATER.......I WAS STRONG AND COULD GO FOREVER............ha ha ha.......they caught me and dragged me back to the cabin.............but I never did receive sentencing..........heard it was a SWAP for each of them though

sounds crazy, but we had fun.  Guess you just had to be there............I just can't repeat the story like it was!!!!!!!!!

It was a great way to get girls to drink water on a hot day.  They were grabbing their water bottles, shooting it in their mouths and screaming, water makes us stronger........some had drank three and four bottles of water before lunch!

Brandon, Manitoba

Hi all,
 Just have to tell you about camp last weekend!
At Brownies on Thursday wemade our placemats.Black construction paper for the base,partial archfrom yellow paper to represent the sunand glued to one edge of the base togive the girls
some idea as to how big the sun is compared to the rest of the planets.Planets were cut from classroom borders (Staples has them: 12 sheets/package, 2/sheet).We briefly discussed each
planet andthe girls cut them off the strip and glued them to the placemat. Theyfinished decorating with glow in the dark stars. They were glued to cardboard and Mac-tacked.  Upon arrival Fri, they podged 500mL plastic bottles with red, yellow and blue tissue (primary colours). Tobe used later as vases for Advancement. At campfirewe had a wonderful clear sky. The moon was full andwe were able to find the big & littledippers and the north star. We made up a legend about the night sky and
finished with Night Eyes.

I used the "I wish I were a little bar of soap" song and made up a few space
verses for our space sleepover.

Oh I wish I were a little alien, alien,
Oh I wish I were a little alien, alien,
I would take my UFO
and out to space I'd go,
Oh, I wish I were a little alien.

Oh I wish I were a little rocket ship, rocket ship,
Oh I wish I were a little rocket ship, rocket ship,
I would fly up in the air
and visit planets there,
Oh, I wish I were a little rocket ship.

Oh I wish I were a twinkly  little star, little star,
Oh I wish I were a twinkly  little star, little star,
I would twinkle in the night
and I would shine so bright
Oh, I wish I were a twinkly little star.

Oh I wish I were a little planet Earth, planet Earth,
Oh I wish I were a little planet Earth, planet Earth,
I would go around the sun
and be home to everyone
Oh, I wish I were a little planet Earth.


Ever do an Interactive Lion Hunt?  Have girls follow you as you take them on a Venusian Snoozle Hunt.

Leader:  Put on your space suit (zip up)
        Put on your helmet
        don't forget your first aid kit
        Everyone have their permission forms?
        Ok, now into the rocket
        Buckle up
        Countdown 5..4..3..2...1
          Blast off
        Into outer space

Going on a Snoozle Hunt (girls repeat)
Going to vind a Snoozle
I'm not scared
Because I'm a Space Spark
Look at all the pretty stars!

Oh!  We're going too fast!
Speeding past the moon now
Speeding past mars now
Speeding past Saturn Now
wait...we almost passed Venus!

Putting on the brakes!
Landing in 5...4...3...2...1

Take Sparks moon-walking, going through murkky muck, through long greasy gritchy grass, take out cameras, over rocky ridges, down steep slopes to the Venusian snoozle who is sleeping. Take a picture. He wakes up, run and repeat actions backwards back in to space ship and back to earth.

Or how about Old Macdonald had a space farm?
Girls make up animals on space farm. Like the  two-headed Cow which goes Moo, Moo here and Moo Moo over there.

Hope this helps
Sue Hutchison

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