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Images from non-planet Pluto, poor little thing.

Code Poetry Slam 2.0 - Some of these poems are just wonderful, true poetry.

Pictures from Rosetta

OOOH! Curiosity's Mars images are here!

You MUST look at this page about the Mandelbrot set fractal! It is from a fabulous website called with fascinating links, including some games.


A couple of years ago, I found out about the intersection of math and handwork:

Here is a link to Sierpinski crochet, and a pattern for a Sierpinski shawl. Taking this a step farther, we could make Sierpinski cookies.

More Mathematical knitting!

Dr. Daina Taimina realized that the best way to make models of hyperbolic geometry is using crochet. This led to the creation of the hyperbolic crochet coral reef.

Another kind of handcraft is baking:

As you can see from the photo above, my daughter is into cake decoration. Cake Wrecks has the best and the worst - some are unbelievable!

We love to bake, and were enthralled by these very realistic cake jewels!

And talking of food, my daughter showed me this web site full of really unusual scents. I can't understand this passion for smelling like food, though.

I also love animals:

Take a look at this Eagle cam - if you're lucky you'll see the three eaglets being fed by a parent.

I know that my cats understand what I say a lot of the time, but many scientists don't believe that animals can think. I really enjoyed this article from National Geographic showing hoCat Narcissusw sophisticated animal thought can be.



At heart, I am a scientist:

You all know about Google Maps and Google Earth. Here is Google Mars. I love Google!

I love this interactive periodic table.

PHET has incredible interactive simulations.

The Space Shuttle - need I say more?

A mind-blowing exhibit showing the Scale of the Universe

Deep Sky Videos - too incredible for words

And some random interests:

The Google Art Project is the most amazing site. You can explore several wonderful art museums, and zoom right into the paintings. I can spend hours here!

Here is part of a course I used to teach on math in the arts, called All Math Bright and Beautiful.










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