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A Milwee Spartans team was sponsored by Girl Scouts of the USA (thank you!) to attend the 4-H Exploding Bacon Fun Robotics event on Saturday, June 19th 2010.

We took our robot, Cupcake (shown above), and competed in all four categories.

competition competition


We programmed the robot to follow a black race-track - it did quite well the first time, but wasn't fast enough:

race track

Our SumoBot did a great job, and we won the trophy! We also persuaded our robot to drag a trailer loaded with twelve pounds of groceries!


Click here to see a video of the Tractor event

Click here to see a video of the Sumobot event

Click here to see a video of the Cup Stack event

We won the Judges Award trophy for Gracious Professionalism, which means that we exhibited good behavior and did our best to help other teams as well as doing our best to win! [That made me very happy!]

team awards

The Spartans look forward to a fascinating year of finding out more about robotics!




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