What is it?

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Learning Goal: Describe the approaches and challenges involved with integrating artificial intelligence into robotics systems.

Daily Objective: Understand how A.I. is used in everyday life

In the 1970s.....

Some scientists realized that it was much easier to program a computer with the knowledge of an expert
on a given topic, than it is to give a computer enough general knowledge to sound human. The experts
provide facts, which are stored and programmed in such a way that they are connected and can be questioned.
This area of A.I. is called Expert Systems.

Here is a good overview of Expert Systems

In this video, a very simple Expert System is described. You can use that system here.

This video summarizes the three parts of an Expert System and lists advantages and disadvantages.

Steps in making an expert system.

This page describes what an expert system is, and also some examples.
Click on the links at the top of the page to see the examples.

Several companies online will develop expert systems for you.

On the same Google document, answer the following questions:

Question 4: Describe an expert system that someone in your family probably uses, even if they don't realize it.

Question 5: Do you think that expert systems are intelligent? Give your reasons.


WE will now investigate other ways in which A.I. is presently used in everyday life.

First, go back to your Google Doc.

Question 6:

a) Predict how you think A.I. is used in business

b) Predict how you think A.I. is used in video games

c) Predict how you think A.I. is used in the home


We will now check on your predictions!

How is A.I. used in Business?