A First Webquest

For Middle School Robotics

Designed by L. Pereira

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Robot Application project


Project for Year 1 students


Project for Year 2 students (and their partners)


Learning Goal: Student will be able to demonstrate an understanding of robotics, its history, applications, evolution and engineering.


ROBOTS AT WORK - project for Year 1 Students_____

Learning Goal: Student will demonstrate an understanding of robotics, its history, applications and evolution_________________

The objectives of this assignment are:
Understand how robots are used in a specific industry

Choose an industry that your team will focus on:

Disaster recovery

You will research how robots are used in this field at present. Click on the links above to find sites to
help you with your research. You may use Google or Duckduckgo to find additional relevant information.

  • Describe at least 4 robots used in that industry.
  • Describe in detail what they are used for and how they work.
  • Explain whether these robots are controlled from a distance or if they operate by themselves
  • Make a prediction about future uses of robots in that industry.

You must support your ideas with evidence.

You may choose to answer these questions using ONE of the following products:

  1. A poster (using Word or Publisher)
  2. A power point or prezi (remember not to cut and paste)
  3. A web page (remember not to cut and paste) Use Google sites, as each student now has a Google Drive account.