A First Webquest

For Middle School Robotics

Designed by L. Pereira

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Objective: You will clarify your prior knowledge of robots. The research you will do will give you a good background understanding about how robots are used today.

This webquest contains three assignments.

You will work in groups assigned by Mrs. Pereira. Each member of the group will do their own research, which will be combined to create the final project.

In Assignment 1, an individual project, you will tell me what you already know or believe about robots. You will then find out how to save your work to the EETT2 drive. We will do this as a class. Work that is not saved to the correct folder will not be graded.

In Assignment 2, you will clarify your understanding of what robots are, discover some background about robots, and do some research on how robots are used today.

Finally, in Assignment 3, your team will find out more about a specific area where robots are used. Each group will study one aspect of robotics, you will predict future developments in the light of what you have learned. and you will teach others in the class about that field.