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These ideas are from Grace N. of  Sunland-Tujunga Service Unit, GSC San Fernando Valley (CA)


My service unit had their annual Spring Camp - here were our activities. This was cabin camping with a dining

hall. We had 191 campers from 1st year Brownies to Adults attend. Each rotation was for 30 min.


Little Mermaid: blank white picture frames purchased from S&S which the girls decorated with colored sand and

sea shells. The girls posed with a cut out of either Ariel or Beauty & the Beast dancing - which ever they chose and

we took polaroid pictures of them which were placed in  the frames. (we had to cut backs from cardboard to complete

the frame).


Flubber: We used the Elmer's glue and Borax recipe. This workshop caused the most headaches for us, but was the

camp favorite. Based on the amount of ingredients needed for a single serving of flubber, we calculated that we needed

 7 GALLONS of Elmers. The leader responsible for this workshop had had personal problems and was not able to get

things together in time for camp, so I had to run around trying to find 7 gallons of Elmers when I should have been packing. BTW the best place to get it is at your large hardware stores such as Lowe's, OSH, or Home Depot (I went to them all

and wiped out their supplies!!) The Cadettes running the workshop ended up cutting the recipe 3 times and I came home

with 4 gallons ~ BIG SIGH.  Aside from that, after the girls made their flubber, they played relay games with it such as

passing it from player to player under chins with out using hands. The team to finish first had to run and toss it in a

basketball hoop.


Beauty & the Beast: We try to have one cooking workshop at our camp and we used this one as it. At first we

wanted to make scones or something using a box oven. But we decided on a cake decorating theme. The girls

made mice out of Twinkies using lolly pops for ears, red vine licorice for tails and cake icing, M&M's, chocolate chips

for decorating their mice. These were later served as after camp fire snack.


Tinkerbell Central: We used the "fairy dust necklace" idea for this workshop but with a Tinkerbell twist. The girls

were asked to write a wish on a small piece of paper, then pluck a shamrock from shamrock garland for Leprechaun

luck and wrap it in the paper. Then the other ingredients went into the tiny baggie. The girls also made crowns from

the shamrock garland with streamers. This was another favorite!


Mary Poppins: We used the theme "Feed the Birds" and made bird feeders. The workshop leader used recycled

milk cartons from the school cafeteria and made cutting lines for the girls to cut the openings on two sides.

Her husband gave her labels from work that fit perfectly on the sides that were not cut, which the girls were able to

decorate using Sharpies. They made roofs from 3x5 index cards and each had a small dowel to use for a perch.

We gave the leaders a baggie of bird seed for each girl to give to them when they got home.


Mulan: We purchased the Fireworks Fans from S&S and was perhaps the worst workshop at the camp. It was too

easy, to quick and the fans didn't work right. But we needed another workstation and this is the only thing we could

come up with in a hurry.


Each troop had 2 free times - one in the morning and one in the afternoon which the troops really appreciated.

We asked each troop to represent a Disney movie and prepare a skit or perform a song from that movie. Some of

them were really quite good and the girls really enjoyed it.


Sat. night dinner was from Lady and the Tramp. The cooks served spaghetti and meat balls and went way out of their

way to decorate the dining hall. The tables had red & white checkered paper table cloths, they made an arbor of grape

vines (plastic) that the girls had to pass through to enter the dining hall. On each table was an empty wine

bottle decorated with paint to look like wax drippings with an unlit candle in each one. The dining hall has tiny white

lights in the rafters which were turned on before the girls came in. There were so many ooohs and aaahs from girls and adults alike.


Our workshops were staffed with Cadette and Seniors. This year we were very fortunate to have 34 older girls with us. Ususally, we only have one or two small troops and by the end of Saturday, these girls are worn out. By having so

many, we were able to rotate them around and they were able to do all the workshops as well.

Well, that's about it, except to say that this camp was perhaps the most fun and the easiest one to plan. We had so

any great ideas that it was difficult to decide which ones to keep and which ones we couldn't do.

Everyone had a great time.



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