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Below are links to several ideas gleaned from the WAGGGS-L listserv over the past few years. Remember that older girl troops will be delighted to plan and run the stations - the camporee director is responsible for finding people to do the work. You don't even have to give the troops specific ideas as outlined in these links: you can just give them a theme and let them run with it (subject to your approval, of course) . This could be a great Silver award project for a Cadette troop - we have had many successful camporees run by Cadettes- or Junior troops could use their planning and operating of stations as their Bronze Award project.



Raiders of the Lost Camp

Outdoor Skills Camp

Lights, Camera, Action!

Camp Disney

Westward Ho! Camp

Another Wild West camp

Space Camp

Wacky Witch Haunted Hike

Mission to Mars Camp

Girl Scout Scramble

Camp Survivor

Circus Camp - bad link but some of it is archived here

Troop Beverly Hills - bad link but some of it is archived here

Medieval theme

Mystery theme

Scouting for All Season's camp page also has links to a number of themes, including Pioneer Days, Harry Potter, a luau and survivor camp for older girls.

Guidinguk's camp themes page has links to themes, such as Army, Dinosaurs, Mediaeval, Space, Toad of Toad Hall and more.

Guidinguk's games page includes links to many other wide games, such as Lord of the Rings, Dragonquest, and Dragonscales.


Remember, you don't have to follow any ideas - these are here to spark your imagination.


You can Go Wild!


Many of these ideas are suitable for Juniors, Cadettes or Seniors too.