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From Jean A. , SU 40, GS of Chesapeake Bay,  Delaware:


We did a Camp Survivor Twilight Camp.  During our camp we taught basic skills like lantern cleaning, tent boxing, dishwashing, latrine cleaning etc.  We have a great SUM who made swaps for each skill for each

girl.  We only had 30 girls attend, but those 30 girls had a BLAST!  They really enjoyed what for some of us is WORK!  We had challenges on the last night at camp.  I've described them below for anyone else who might be

 doing something like our camp.


o       One challenge was a sleeping bag roll contest.  Points were awarded on speed

and neatness and of course if it was done correctly.


o       Another challenge was flag folding.  Points were awarded based on correctness as well as respectfulness during the activity.  (The respectfulness part included the entire tribe as well as

       flag folders)


o       We also did a flashlight relay challenge where the girls had to take the batteries out of a flashlight, reload them, and then turn on flashlight to show it was done correctly.


o       Another challenge included a relay were the girls had to tie one dunkbag to the clothesline and bring back the one that was already there for the next person in line.  When done correctly, it's a snap to remove.  If not . . . boy it takes a long time to untie.


o       Depending on your location and if you use canvas tents, you could have a tent boxing competetion.


o       When I did my troop camp training, we built fires and had a little clothesline made about a foot above the fire,  First one to burn through the line, won.


However, our best challenge, where we had the MOST fun was this:


o       Clean up the campsite:  We had 3 tribes and the field was divided into 3 areas using clotheline that was laid out in the shape of a "Y". In each "campsite" were old socks, sponges, and very light weight balls. Because it was hot, each team also had a washpan of water in which to dip their items.  At the sound of the whistle, everyone starts throwing their "trash" into the other campsites.  Wetting takes time, but makes for a good splat on someone.  After 2 minutes, the whistle blew and the tribe with the cleanest campsite got the points.  We played an extra round with just the "chiefs" (adults).  That was great fun with our tribes cheering us on.



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