Ductagami flip-flops  
line decor

Scout crafts (and lots of others)
Scoutingweb has a zillion craft suggestion!
Eileen's Favorite Camp Crafts
How to make Bath Bombs, and lots of other bath and beauty recipes
 The Imagination Factory's Trash Matcher - this suggests art or recycling activities for various types of trash
Family Fun Craft Finder
Crafts - from Girl Guides in the U.K.
Makingfriends.com - a very friendly and useful commercial site, with lots of ideas for activities and crafts
Beading a Daisy Chain
Margo’s Beadie Critter Collection
Chadis Crafts fun pages, including Gimp/Plastic lacing
Craft Recipes
Holiday Crafts - a craft for every possible holiday!

Troop 704 (St. Croix Valley Council, MN) Swap Page
Swapaholic's SWAP page, on the Wayback machine or try here
The Girl Scout Fun Center's SWAP page
Scouting Links' SWAPS link page, also on the Wayback machine, so a few links do not work
SWAPs from makingfriends.com - a great page with history, GS background and SWAP etiquette

SWAPs Galore

Trudy's Swaps

If you or your troop invented a really cool swap, let me have a picture (or a SWAP - I'll take the picture) and directions, and I'll post it here!

All suggestions for this page gratefully received!
( I'm craft-challenged )
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