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Bronze award


This award can be earned by Junior Girl Scouts. This is a new award, and already several troops in our service unit have earned or are on the verge of earning it:

One troop held a Brownie Activity day, and created a very useful booklet detailing a number of service project opportunities.

Troop 2039 created a bill proposing a "Kids of Character" Day, which was voted on in Tallahassee!

Troop 1962 sewed and delivered 'comfort pillows' to the children's hospital.

Troop 1365 created and illustrated a brochure about recycling called "RECYCLING:  BEYOND THE BIN."  The brochure describes what can be put in the recycling bins in Seminole County and what else can be recycled and how.  The girls included information about what happens to the items that are recycled, why one should recycle, and created a crossword puzzle with a recycling theme.  These brochures were distributed in the Sabal Point and Sweetwater Oaks neighborhoods.

Troop 899 held a Brownie Activity day called, “Safety – Now Playing!”, where over 60 Brownies earned theater-related and safety try-its. They learned about kitchen and food safety, and about which plants in their yards and homes were poisonous. They also learned about theater make-up, dances, and puppets.


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Silver award


This award can be earned by Girl Scouts 11-14. Again, in our Service Unit


Troop 295 spent many hours cleaning the courtyard and outdoor furniture at a nursing home, then planned, planted and nurtured a beautiful butterfly garden.

Troop 82/1215 planned and ran Little Girl Camporee for two years!

Troop 1031's project was entitled "Fables With Flare".  Because the girls enjoy acting, they chose to teach morals to children through drama.  They wrote three scripts based on familiar fables, designed sets and costumes, and put on a series of performances for younger children at both Sabal Point and Wekiva Elementary Schools and at local daycare centers.

Troop 1600 produced an excellent booklet about the camping areas available in Florida – find it here

Troop 1162 – just 2 girls, Rebecca and Reina, planned and ran Little Giirl Camporee very successfully.

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From Good to Great - successful Silver Projects, a few suggestions from GSUSA



Gold award



This award can be earned by Senior Girl Scouts. It is the equivalent of the Boy Scout Eagle award, and is highly regarded by college recruiters and employers, as it is evidence of a girl's leadership abilities and stick-to-itiveness. The GSUSA website notes that " girls who earn the Girl Scout Gold Award are eligible for a variety of scholarships to continue their education at more than 100 colleges and universities. Organizations such as the Elks Foundation provide $6,000 each year for eight young women to attend the college of their choice. All branches of the United States military offer Girl Scout Gold Award recipients the opportunity to enter the military at the higher pay-scale rank of E-2, the equivalent of already having 30 college credits."



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From Good to Great - successful Gold Award Projects, a few suggestions from GSUSA



The President of the United States will send congratulations to a Gold Award recipient. The requirements are:


·         At least six weeks' notice is required for any request.

·         Requests must include the name(s) and home address(es) of those being congratulated; a "form of address," such as Mr., Ms. or Mrs.; the exact date of the occasion; the details of the occasion; the requester's full name and daytime phone number; and specific mailing instructions.

·         Greetings generally will be mailed 10 days before the event, the Greetings Office says.

·         The Greetings Office encourages faxed requests to minimize mistakes and disappointments. The correct fax number is 202-395-1232. The correct mailing address for requests is The White House, Attention: Greetings Office, Washington, D.C., 20502-0039.

(Thanks to the Washington Post web page for these details.)

President’s Volunteer Service Award

The following girls from Troop #1338 earned the President's Volunteer Service Award:
Jillian - Earned the Bronze Level - 50+ hours in one year
Sarah  - Earned the Silver Level - 75+ hours in one year
Alex  - Silver Award
Samantha  - Gold Award - 100+ hours on one year
Melissa  - Gold Award
These girls all received a Lapel Pin with the seal of the US in the color designated above, a Certificate of Achievement, and a letter signed by President Bush recognizing them for their efforts.  These girls have all had a lot of fun volunteering for a variety of projects including the Citrus Bowl Parade Floats, The Coalition for the Homeless, the Methodist Church Food Drive, various Vacation Bible Schools, and the Ironman Competition to name a few.  Please check out the following web site to learn more about this award:
Congratulations Girls!!