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Field Trip Factory - there is a link with hints for Girl Scouts!

Places to Go - from the Green Oaks Service Unit - a great local resource

Savannah Bound - a really useful planning guide for your trip to Savannah, from Green Oaks SU

ID Tags by Kathy - you can order 'dog tags' for your girls to wear with ID and allergy information for use on long trips

Girls On the Go - a list of field trips of interest to middle and high school girls, from our very own Alice Wagner, with a lot of trip planning information as well.

Factory Tours - listed by state

The Sightseer's Guide to Engineering - a list of interesting field trips in Florida that relate to science and engineering

Field trips Recommended by Troops in our Service Unit

From Troop 672:

The COPS Division routinely provides tours to school students, Boy Scouts, Cub Scouts, Girl Scouts, Brownies, and many more on a one-hour journey providing an educational experience for all.

The tour takes you through the booking facility where you learn what happens to criminals who get arrested.  Next, we travel into the world of investigations to meet detectives and learn what role they play in solving crimes. You will also get to view the Emergency Operations Center where the different divisions gather to make important decision and prevention stratagies in the event of a disaster.  Children will also discuss proper 911 phone call procedures.  The final stop is a first hand view of a  police car and motorcycle.   Children learn about the important uses of the lights and sirens, and lucky volunteers help demonstrate the equipment. Upon completion of the tour, everyone is sworn in as a junior future police officer and receives a sticker badge! Contact SPO Allen Greene at (407) 571-8292

We enjoyed this tour and even got "LOCKED UP"! There is no cost, either.


From Troop 672:

The Fire Station tour we experienced at location 12 (Douglas Ave Fire Station) began with an excellent video the girls were GLUED to! After the film, a Fireman, fully dressed in protective gear walked in to let the girls know how "scary" he may look, but how "safe" they are if they see him. He let the girls "try on" the gear. The Troop then went on a "tour" of the Fire Station, including sleeping quarters. After that, it was off to the ladder truck our wonderful fire fighters pulled out of the station and treated the girls 3 at a time to be "lifted" into the sky. The truck goes 100 ft up, but the girls could only go 50 ft up in the bucket due to safety issues. They then took turns hitting "targets" with the fire hose. We took goodies for them to show our appreciation! I highly recommend this outing! You will be VERY impressed!! Gayle Odom Brownie Troop 672