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From Christine T.
I remember (way back in the olden days) putting on a wide game in a huge neighborhood park.  The theme was that the group of GS just crash landed on an alien planet and had to explore the planet in
order to get the info to get back home.  They met various aliens who could not speak but would either give them notes of information or required help.  For instance, one alien was down at the bottom of a
dry creek and the girls had to figure out what knots to use to pull her back up to get their next clue.  One alien needed first aid, one needed a fire laid, etc.  The final clue given was to go to a certain
location, the aliens there put glittery red crepe paper over the girls shoe (to make them red slippers) and the girls clicked their heels, like Dorothy, said they wanted to go home, and then leaders came
out of the trees, dressed like human moms, and said welcome back to earth!  It was quite a bit of fun for about 100 scouts one afternoon!