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Welcome to my web page! I have lots of links here that can help you practice basic math ( like flashcards) or more advanced or fun math – just click on the links and see what you can find!


All Math Bright and Beautiful shows how math appears in every aspect of our lives.:)

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Mrs. Pereira's Math Songs

Mr. B's FCAT Rap


You can use this review powerpoint to study for your semester exam


We are starting to work on integers. Here is a cute video with an introduction to integers.

This link gives you the integer rules, and has a story (The Party in Mathland) to help you remember them.

You can practice adding and subtracting integers here, using an interactive board. Have fun!

Previous attractions:

Some of us have been studying the Pythagorean theorem. Click here to see the animation with the squares on the hypotenuse, and you can also see the animated proof here.


Let’s look at a page about fractions
You have two different fractions shaded in 2 shapes. Change the numbers of parts in the shapes until there are the same number of parts in each shapes – this number is the LCD of the first 2 numbers. Then count the shaded and unshaded parts to figure out the fractions’ names – remember, a fraction is “part over whole”.

Try adding fractions
Click on the buttons for the denominator until the lines in both boxes match – this will be your common denominator. Put in the correct numerator, then click on Check. Then you can add your fractions, check again and see what the sum looks like.

Review Factors, multiples and prime factorization, then move on to percent

We have several great geometry links:

You can find a good explanation of what a plane is on a web site called "mathsisfun" . We are going to start by studying angles, so have a look here for a good review. If you scroll down on the "angles" page, you can find links to pages about various kinds of angles, and even an explanation of degrees.

I especially like the page that explains how to use a protractor.

You can look at a great page on quadrilaterals. There is also a page about on polygons, which is good for review, and a page with interactive quadrilaterals, where you can manipulate their shapes and find out more information about them.

What is a tessellation?  

First, we can make some very simple tessellations here.  

Then we can move on to making tessellations where the orientation of the shapes can change.  Many artists use this technique with much more intricate shapes than simple polygons.

You can try this yourself on the shmuzzle web page

One of the most famous artists who used this technique was M.C. Escher, and we can see some of his work on-line..  

We will make some slightly less intricate shapes for our own tessellations, using a technique similar to this one.  We can try something like this on-line to see the effect..  

And finally, just for fun, here are some animated tessellations.


Use this "Measuring Measurement" web site to review . Then you may use the FunBrain measurement site to get more practice!

If you want to see the web site I showed you all on the last day of term, zooming from outside the galaxy to within a cell, by powers of 10, it's here.

Pre-algebra class: Work on Equations using this Balance scale representation - it's fun, and shows how the equations work.

Use the Grapher with the worksheet to see how the parameters of the function change its graph


A great interactive site to take you through 2-step equations step by step

A timed practice site - see how many equations you can solve correctly in 60 seconds!!

And.... 2-step equation flash cards

Standard students: click here for lots of fraction practice sites


This is a fun place to practice coordinates.

Here is a web site that helps you understand the difference between mean and median


Here are some sites to play with when you want to work on probability:

The Coin Toss site

Play with compound events, both dependent and independent

This page helps to show the difference between theoretical and experimental probability

So does this one

If you want to review what we studied in graphs, here are some great links to help you undertstand and create graphs:

There are some circle graph examples here, to help you understand how to read them. This website helps you to create circle graphs - if you try it, use the fraction option to start with. Create a graph is a fabulous web site which helps you with all sorts of graphs, and this graphing page also has activities with several kinds of graph. There is another page which can help you make a circle graph here.


Pre-Algebra students, this is an interesting applet to compare box and whisker plots with histograms

Lessons on Key Math Concepts – great for review!

Vocabulary Games and Math Dictionaries

Equivalent Fraction Games and Practice

FCATExplorer – this is great practice for FCAT!

Number Line – this is a good demonstration of what happens when you add integers. Drag the dots from side to side

Line Jumper – this is great practice for adding and subtracting integers for FCAT!


Test Yourself


Basketball Math

Choose the subject you want to practice on the left-hand side

Really good practice for multiplicaion and division Let's keep the hurricanes on the computer, but sweep me away with your skill

Mad Math Minutes

A really good idea to work on these

Create A Graph

Get some extra practice, or use the tutorial

Fractions are better understood when seen

6th grade math practice

A good idea to review for standard level classes

7th grade math practice

A good place to review for advanced level classes

8th grade math practice

A good place to review for the gifted class


More Fun Stuff


Cynthis Lanius’ Fun Math lessons

Coordinate math
Do the math to find your coordinates and draw a picture!

Spin the Polyhedron

6th Grade word problems

Interactive puzzles
(Click on Maths Club for a list of fun pages)

Cool Math 4 Kids

Interactive Mathematics - VERY cool!

APlus Math games

Practice measuring with a ruler – customary or metric!

Flowering Fractions

Click here for the Whole Number Cruncher function machine

And this link is for the Number Cruncher function machine (includes negative integers)

Math Vocabulary

Each section has the following games
Flash Cards
Read the word on the blue side of the card. Try and think of the meaning. Then click on the card to see the correct meaning. If you want to see the word again, click on the card again. To see the next card, click on ‘Remove Card’ on the right hand side of the cards.
Matching Game
Click on the two squares that have the vocabulary word and its meaning.
 Word Search
Click on the beginning letter of the word and drag the mouse through the rest of the word.

Other Vocabulary Links

A simple dictionary


A more advanced math dictionary

Interactive Math Dictionary

Also more advanced

Vocabulary Games

Part 1

Vocabulary Games





Equivalent Fractions Games and Practice .

Visual Fractions

Fraction Frenzy

Rename the Fractions

Find the equivalent fraction model

Living Worksheets – work your way through these

More equivalent fractions