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From P.J. in New York:

Wide Games were what we once used to call these camp treasure hunts.  I've been doing them since 1979.  It has currently evolved into something called "The Wacky Witch Haunted Hike."  All camp treasure hunts need some sort of theme to hold them together.  We once used Captain Kidd's hidden treasure and tied it in with other local legends from the Hudson River Valley. An early version of what we do now had a theme similar to The Prisoner of Zelda or one of those video games...the theme was that the wicked witch had captured the beautiful princess and you must help rescue her by going to various skill stations and following the carefully laid trail.  


After 24 years of doing this, my very best advice is to ASK THE GIRLS for their input and imagination to come up with a story line.  We usually plan the story out with group participation of what happens next?  The Wacky Witch Haunted Hike uses Cadette and Senior girls as the witches.  These girls arrive in camp the night before the hike.

They have previously met and planned out each wide game station. The witches are allowed to dress up in any type of original witch costume, lots of heavy make-up, whatever.  The rule is that they all must have hiking boots suitable for rugged terrain (no high heels).  We usually have about 8 stations.  At each station, Brownie and Junior level girls are taught a skill or craft, except that the Cadette and Senior skill teachers are supposed to act "wacky" as if they do not know what they are doing...and get
the girls to do the skill in such a way that they feel they already know what they are doing.  For example: 

                          The wacky witch can't tie a knot to tie up her captives. The girls learn a bowline, clove hitch, square knot; are rewarded with a small piece of trick or treat candy and sent on to the next station where

                          the wacky witch cannot get her cauldron of witches' brew cooking because she doesn't know how to build a fire; or the wacky witch got lost and needs help with a compass, 

                          the witch wasn't looking where she was flying and flew into a tree and fell off her broom, she needs first aid...

                          Sometimes we add a "Braille trail" and an "unnatural hike" along the way.  Whatever the older girls come up with can always be worked into the script.  The story line usually ends at a campfire with simple snacks available.  My favorite remark that I overheard once was "Wow!  That was so much fun I wish I could put it on instant replay and do it all over again." 


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